Ways to Find Joy this Thanksgiving

Ways to Find Joy this Thanksgiving

Ways to Find Joy this Thanksgiving

Are you sick of the pandemic? Does it seem that there is less to be thankful for this holiday season? I know my family’s Thanksgiving travel plans had to be scrapped. So it got me thinking, what am I going to do with myself? How can I see my friends and family on Turkey Day/Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving Day!

Here what I was thinking:

Organize a food drop-off: Let’s be real, Thanksgiving would not be the same to me without the platters of food cooked by my loved ones laid out in front of me. But if you’re spending the holiday alone or with a select few, it’s not always practical to make all that food. So what if you commission a group of trusted friends/family in your area to help? First, each friend takes a dish or dessert and makes enough to distribute to everyone in this arrangement. Then, either walk over or drive over to each household to drop off a serving or two of the assigned dish. At the end of all this, each person should have a 4-5 course meal to enjoy socially distanced! I may even surprise an unsuspecting neighbor who I know is working for the holiday, or the elderly family a couple of doors down. A great opportunity to share my thanks with everyone!

Netflix party/House Party: Not feeling like making food? Pop a bag of popcorn instead, and watch a movie with your family or with your friends via Netflix Party or Zoom. This is great for movie fanatics and those who just want to get in pajamas to watch that one movie for the billionth time. I know this is how my family plans to keep our tradition of watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation alive!

Among Us and other games via Zoom: Explore different online group game options! Cards Against Humanity online is a classic and my favorite. Or you can try the popular up and coming game, Among Us, where you identify which players in the group are Imposters and which are Crewmates (online Mafia). You can also mix old-school with new technology for a fun family night; use Zoom and some paper or white boards to fill out Mad Libs or games of “Who Knows Who Better?”.

Crafts: Christmas is just around the corner, so cue the carols, lights, and other festivities. You can buy a set of undecorated ornaments (color and shape of your choice) and garnish away-sharpies, fake stick-on gems, and lace work best for me. Like the food drop off above, you can make an ornament with a few of the decorating items, and distribute them to friends or family near you. Or decorate together via video!

So many things have changed this year, but try to keep in mind the things that are working for you, and give thanks. Spread that cheer to others so they too can remember the greatness in their lives. And of course, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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