This Thing Called Love

This Thing Called Love

Imagine a world without pain; without heartbreak and disappointment and confusion.  That doesn’t sound all too bad does it?  It actually sounds quite nice.  But to take away the pain you must also take away the happiness and excitement and love.

Love is a double edged sword:
Without love you can’t have pain, without pain you can’t have love.  Not very fair huh?

When you read about love in books, see it in films, hear it from peers, they describe it as eternal bliss and endless happiness.  What they fail to mention is the constant squeezing in your chest – that tightness you can only describe as the pain of being separated from them whether by miles or houses or walls or even your very skin.  That’s the crazy thing about love – even when you’re with them it’s like you’re never close enough.  And that pain, well, it’s agonizing.

They did get one thing right though – love is beautiful.  It is the only thing known on earth that can turn the selfish nature of humans into self sacrificing beings.

I know many people afraid of love.  People who close themselves, whether from past lovers scorn or predisposed disbelief, off to all things love.

And I also know ones who search desperately for this thing called love.  People who convince themselves that they will never be happy until they are in love.

Love is ambiguous, but one thing’s for sure.  People love in different ways and the way that you love can define you.  And though it can leave you broken and feeling empty, never wish away your pain.  By doing so you are wishing away love and without love life will lose its meaning.  For what’s the point of living if you can’t feel life?


Inspired by Delirium
By: Lauren Oliver


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