Summer Bummer- Finding a Fun Summer Job

Summer Bummer- Finding a Fun Summer Job

Summer Bummer- Finding a Fun Summer Job

What does Summer mean to you? Does it mean the ocean? Soaking up endless rays in the sun? Staying up late with your cute neighbor looking at the stars? Maybe it means a week-long cruise to an exotic island or a month abroad with your school.
Or perhaps, summer to you just means catching up on some long over-due sleep and The CSI episodes you’ve missed.

Whatever you see when you close your eyes and drift away to your Summer place, I’m betting most of you don’t picture slaving away in a hot, crowded ice-cream store or in a stuffy, packed mall as prime-time sun comes and goes outside. Unfortunately for most of us, this is the reality of Summer which my friends and I like to call… Our Summer Bummer.

Last year my Summer Bummer consisted of grueling 8 hour shifts at a Starbucks run by a woman who could make a porcupine look cuddly. The year before, my Summer Bummer was filled with screaming, crying, poop-filled-diapered children. And the year before, my Summer Bummer was being B-R-O-K-E!

If only there was a way to make money while doing something FUN or just plain easy. Hmmmm I may be onto something there… Well, I’ve been doing some research (okay more like reading Seventeen Magazine) and I stumbled across a brilliant and I mean BRILLIANT discovery.

Guess what?! It IS possible to have fun AND make money! Want to know how? It quite simple actually. Ask yourself what you love to do. If you love to write scan craigslist for writing positions (hey that’s how I landed this awesome job!). Love to play with animals? Stop by your local animal day cares and sell them on your complete devotion to all things fluffy and cute. Are you interested in acting? Well there are TONS of opportunities for counselor positions at acting camps where you manage the kids but still get to take part in the activities! Sounds like a win!

There are jobs for ALL interests out there so pick an interest and Google away! Need ideas? The May issue of Seventeen Magazine has some awesome tips! Don’t let this Summer be just another Summer Bummer.

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