Prom Survival Guide

Prom Survival Guide

Prom Survival Guide

From the Proma (prom drama) to the Promblems (prom problems) prom has become nothing but stress stress STRESS! Where’s a fairy godmother when you need one? I swear I wouldn’t lose my glass slipper.

I just want to scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!!!

Sure, there are the regular promblems- where to find a prom dress that someone doesn’t already have or which hairstyle will make me look like the perfect mixture of an elegant princess meets sex kitten. But now there are a whole new set of promblems that they definitely didn’t have to deal with back in the days of horse drawn carriages and gentleman decorum.

Limo or driving? Who’s having the pre-party? Who’s having the after-party? Taking pictures with my friends or with my dates friends? And most importantly… WHO THE EFF AM I GOING TO GET TO TAKE ME TO PROM?! Excuse me boys, but I was under the impression that it was your job to figure that out. Well, apparently not. Apparently, we girls are supposed to figure out who we want to take us and then it’s just a big rat race to get them to ask us first. This is news to me who, two weeks before prom, still doesn’t have a date!

So how can you make sure that you don’t get caught up in the chaos of promblems? Here are a few tips:

  1. Once January hits, it’s NOT too early to start planning for prom (despite what people may tell you).
  2. Decide way ahead of time if you want a date or if you just want to go with plans and DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND LAST SECOND.
  3. Don’t be certain that you’ll be able to rely on a guy friend to be your backup. date in case you don’t get asked IF YOU HAVEN’T FIRST CONFIRMED IT WITH THEM.
  4. If you are going to order your dress online, order it at least a month in advance to make sure it fits and doesn’t need to be altered. This gives you enough time to send it back AND receive a new one.
  5. Spending $100 dollars to get your hair done won’t guarantee that it will look better than a $20 styling.
  6. Start a Prom Dress group on Facebook where all of the girls in your grade can post the dress they are getting so no one has the same dress.
  7. Stay out of Proma! You’ll have your own stress to worry about, you don’t need other peoples’ stress too.
  8. Know EXACTLY what you will do the day of prom to get ready. Stay extremely organized but remember to have fun!

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