Procrastination Invasion

Procrastination Invasion

Procrastination Invasion

I am the queen of procrastination. I’m sure you hear that a lot, but I don’t think that you really understand. I’m bad. I’m extremely bad.

Last year in English class we had to write weekly blog posts. We could write about literally ANYTHING we wanted to. To us English-lovers, this is the best assignment known to mankind- stretching the imagination to the extremes. Well, would you like to know what I wrote?

How to not write a blog post

There are an infinite ways how to not write a blog post. The first thing that you must do is make a list of the things you’d rather be doing. I included mine below:

  1. Eating lunch
  2. Bugging Paul
  3. Making fun of Nicole
  4. Sleeping
  5. Playing Guitar
  6. Watching TV
  7. Shopping
  8. Shopping
  9. Shopping
  10. Reading
  11. Shopping

…You get the idea. Now that you have your list it is time to create a full scale day dream about one or all of the items on your list. In order to have a realistic and detailed daydream you need three things:

  1. Place
  2. Subject
  3. Action

For your Place it must be a place you’ve seen or been before, that way you can recreate it easily and not waste time trying to make one up in your head. Make it as vivid as possible so you can really fall into your dream.

Your Subject is easy; it’s most likely going to be you. If there are any other people in your daydream then try and recall their main, distinguishing features, bright eyes, tan skin, tall, etc.

The Action is the most important part. This is when you can enter your fully created daydream and let your imagination take over. Try to see it from the eyes of your main Subject (you) so that you can really be completely immersed. Let your characters take over and

Pathetic right? And I know that I’m making light of procrastination and ignoring the fact that it is actually an extremely dangerous habit to form. So with that in mind I just want to say that sure, putting off writing that essay to go to the ice hockey game with friends or pushing back your homework night from Saturday to Sunday is harmless as a one time offense, but beware of the sneaky devil we call procrastination.

My motto? You’ll have to do it eventually so just do it now. Don’t wait until you’re shaking with anxiety from leaving it until the last minute.

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