Real Life Stories

As teenage girls grow-up they often have to make tough decisions. Help yourself make better choices by learning from 7 commonly seen teenage dilemmas… What would you do?

teen pregnancy

Life Stories: Pregnancy Options

Too many sexually active teens today find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. What would you do if you found yourself pregnant in high school?

teen drinking

Life Stories: Underage Alcohol Use

Most teens at some point will be offered alcohol by their peers. A range of thoughts go through a teen in this situation. How will you react?

Protecting Against Pregnancy and STDs

Life Stories: Protecting Against STDs

If you decide to become sexually active, it is important to use appropriate protection to prevent both pregnancy and STDs. What would you do in this situation?

Cigarettes are Harmless, Right?

Life Stories: Cigarettes are Harmless, Right?

Have you ever been offered a cigarette? If not yet, you may be in the future. How will you react in this situation?

Teenage Drug Use

Life Stories: Teenage Drug Use

How will you handle it if you catch your friends doing drugs? Will you join in? Will you stop being their friend? Lets see what you will do.

Texting and Dating

Life Stories: Texting and Dating

How would you deal with it if one of your chat room friends wanted to meet in person? If you choose to meet them, what do you plan to do to keep yourself safe?

eating disorder

Life Stories: Eating Disorders

Teenage girls with eating disorders feel extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues.

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