How to survive Bathing Suit Season

How to survive Bathing Suit Season

Bathing Suit Season. Now that’s a scary phrase.
The beach? I love. The tan? I love. The half naked men? I LOVE. But baring it all to an entire beach full of strangers? I’ll pass, thanks…

Body confidence doesn’t come easy. Even the slenderest of slender women have their body concerns. So how can we overcome this fear of all fears?

Well, there is the easy route of covering up and hiding the “problem areas”. I don’t know about you, but I just hate, hate, HATE the one piece tan lines. And why should we have to hide ourselves? Why can’t we just embrace our bodies? Hmm, why indeed?

When we try our hardest to hide and cover we only succeed in making ourselves appear more self conscious, and in doing so we feel more self conscious.

Rather, instead of avoiding the problem we must FIX the problem- our skewed thinking. Now how can we do that? That, my friends, is the million dollar question. Here are my tips and tricks to getting beach ready confidence.

Step 1)

Get it out of your head that everyone is judging you and your body. They aren’t! They are just trying to enjoy themselves at the beach as you should be. And while your at it stop judging and comparing everyone else’s bodies. We all do it. This only tricks you into thinking they are doing the same to you and trust me, they’re not.

Step 2)

Before you hit the beach, do something that makes you feel good. Whether it’s doing morning yoga, a quick set of ab workouts, taking a jog or maybe just having a light breakfast of fruit and tummy slimming green tea. Ps: Skip your snack of bloating chips and instead grab some trail mix (lightly salted). The point is: If you feel good you look good. In the end it doesn’t matter how you look if you don’t feel your absolute best.

Step 3)

Find a bathing suit that makes you feel HAWT (translation: hot) and I don’t mean sweaty. The fit is EXTREMELY important. Spoil yourself a little bit when it comes to bathing suit shopping. Take your time in finding one that is absolutely perfect. The rule is: If you don’t feel absolutely amazing in the dressing room, you sure won’t feel good in public.

Step 4)

Stand tall! Don’t slouch or stick your hips forward. I can’t tell you how many girls I see in that torso shortening stance daily. Straighten your spine and lift from the bottom of your chest and keep your shoulders down away from your ears and pulled back. You want to appear long and lean not hunchbacked and stubby.

Most importantly: Have fun and just forget other people are there. You drove (or flew) all the way to the beach so why waste a good beach day on your worries? Feeling self conscious won’t get you tan! (Just remember to wear sunscreen!!)

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