Get Informed: Teens

Get Informed - Teen Pregnancy

Get Informed – Pregnancy

Need Help? Learn what to do if you are pregnant and learn how to avoid pregnancy

Get Informed - Teen Drinking

Get Informed – Drinking

Learn how alcohol is dangerous and how to be safe when consuming.

Get Informed - Safe Sex

Get Informed – Safe Sex

Almost half of high school students have had sex. Learn how to be safe and avoid pregnancy.

Get Informed - Tobacco

Get Informed – Tobacco

Know the dangers of smoking. Need Help? Learn how to quit.

Get Informed - Substance Abuse

Get Informed – Substance Abuse

Drugs can be extremely dangerous. Learn what they can do to you.

Get Informed - Internet Safety

Get Informed – Internet Safety

You should be aware of the dangers that exist online and how to protect yourself.

Get Informed - Rape

Get Informed – Rape

Understand the definition and learn what you can do if it happens to you.

Get Informed - Nutrition

Get Informed – Nutrition

It’s an important time to be eating right. Learn how to avoid abnormal eating habits.

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