It’s 2 AM on a school night am I’m wide awake. No it’s not because I pulled an all-nighter for the History test tomorrow; not because I’m finishing my AP Psychology notes due later that day. No. I woke up this morning for the wailing two month old baby in my room. 11 months ago my life was more than normal.
Dear Julia,
"Dan had a pretty wild party last night. His parents were out of town so his older brother bought us a keg. I am not a drinker but ended up playing a few rounds of beer pong and the last thing I remember is hanging out by the bonfire with Joe. We've been kind of dating, nothing official...we hang out a lot and talk every night. My plan was to stay at a friends house, but I woke up in bed with Joe…and I’m not on birth control!  What should I do?  I do not want to be pregnant.
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