So It's no secret that I love, love, LOVE to shop. Clothes, hats, jewelry, scarves, bags, belts, pillows, lamps, rugs, bedding, prints, you name it! But I do the majority of my shopping online- why? I HATE changing rooms.

"We are not a bunch of idiots. If we didn't get something out of the eating disorder- we wouldn't stay with it." Tennie McCarty, author of Shades of Hope, hit the target dead on when she appeared on Dr. Oz....

The lights flashed around me in a rainbow of colors. Music pulsing, bodies shaking, I stood in the midst of my first high school dance. The crowd whooped and hollered as the DJ spun a mesh of Brittany and Beyonce and Eminem and Jay Z. My best friends surrounded me and I could feel the electricity buzzing off of their excited forms. I noticed nothing however. Not the music, not the dancing, not the lights, nothing. The only thing that filled my mind was how everyone looked in their dresses
Wake up; roll out of bed; slip into slippers; run to the bathroom; throw up. Repeat. This is my routine- my religion of sorts. God has abandoned me so I have had to make my own. His name is ED and he lives in my head. At least that is what my therapist tells me. No, I’m not crazy. I don’t have a demon whispering things into my ear like in some cult classic horror; ED stands for eating disorder.
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