Author: GirlSmarts

Are you sick of the pandemic? Does it seem that there is less to be thankful for this holiday season? I know my family’s Thanksgiving travel plans had to be scrapped. So it got me thinking, what am I going...

What is the big deal, anyway, I thought? Why shouldn’t I vape? Everyone else was doing it, and they were ok. I figured it could make me more popular too…. And the packages were so cute and colorful, and looked like...

A Buddhist proverb says, “if your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” I think this pretty much sums up what having confidence in yourself means, You need to not only know, but also love yourself for who you are. Only then can you love others as they deserve to be loved. Its funny how that works out, and how true it is despite seeming so backward. But I can attest to this truth.

Dear Julia,
"Dan had a pretty wild party last night. His parents were out of town so his older brother bought us a keg. I am not a drinker but ended up playing a few rounds of beer pong and the last thing I remember is hanging out by the bonfire with Joe. We've been kind of dating, nothing official...we hang out a lot and talk every night. My plan was to stay at a friends house, but I woke up in bed with Joe…and I’m not on birth control!  What should I do?  I do not want to be pregnant.
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