Author: Abby

Imagine a world without pain; without heartbreak and disappointment and confusion.  That doesn't sound all too bad does it?  It actually sounds quite nice.  But to take away the pain you must also take away the happiness and excitement and love.
Senior Prom season has finally come to a close, but fear not Juniors, your time to shine-or panic- is right around the corner. Prom season is a lovely time full of tuxedos and fancy dresses, of shoes and spring flowers, of under aged drinking and sweaty "bumping and humping"... Well, the truth had to come out eventually.
I run into my house and slam the door.  The lock turns with a definitive click.  Safety. “Hi honey how was your day?” Asks my mom sitting at the kitchen counter, her perfectly manicured fingers flipping through the latest issue of Vogue. “Fine.” I lied. I could’ve told her about the red paint on my locker today. How it had stained my hands as I tried to wipe away the dripping “SLUT”.
I have two types of friends. I have my friends who make me feel good and I have my friends that make me look good. Let me explain. Well, as you may have figured out by now, High school is a place where everything you do matters. Yes, Mean Girls wasn't lying. It’s horrible, but it’s true. Even the lunch you get can make people look down upon you or approve of you.
Bathing Suit Season. Now that's a scary phrase. The beach? I love. The tan? I love. The half naked men? I LOVE. But baring it all to an entire beach full of strangers? I'll pass, thanks...
From the Proma (prom drama) to the Promblems (prom problems) prom has become nothing but stress stress STRESS! Where’s a fairy godmother when you need one? I swear I wouldn’t lose my glass slipper. I just want to scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!!!
The lights flashed around me in a rainbow of colors. Music pulsing, bodies shaking, I stood in the midst of my first high school dance. The crowd whooped and hollered as the DJ spun a mesh of Brittany and Beyonce and Eminem and Jay Z. My best friends surrounded me and I could feel the electricity buzzing off of their excited forms. I noticed nothing however. Not the music, not the dancing, not the lights, nothing. The only thing that filled my mind was how everyone looked in their dresses
Wake up; roll out of bed; slip into slippers; run to the bathroom; throw up. Repeat. This is my routine- my religion of sorts. God has abandoned me so I have had to make my own. His name is ED and he lives in my head. At least that is what my therapist tells me. No, I’m not crazy. I don’t have a demon whispering things into my ear like in some cult classic horror; ED stands for eating disorder.
What does Summer mean to you? Does it mean the ocean? Soaking up endless rays in the sun? Staying up late with your cute neighbor looking at the stars? Maybe it means a week-long cruise to an exotic island or a month abroad with your school. Or perhaps, summer to you just means catching up on some long over-due sleep and The CSI episodes you've missed.
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