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Where does rape happen?

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    GirlSmarts on Jun 11, 2012 Reply

    Rape (sometimes called sexual assault) is defined as forced sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration by a body part or object.

    Anytime someone forces you or pressures you to commit a sexual act without your consent this is considered a form of rape.  

    This can occur ANYWHERE.

    It can occur while alone with your significant other, it could occur in bed with your prom date,  or while on a date with a friend from school.  This is often called acquaintance rape or date rape.  Acquaintance and date rape refer to sexual assaults committed by someone known to the victim.                              

    Rape can also happen with a stranger and such rape tends to occur where there are low volume areas of traffic.  A rape is much less probable when there are multiple people around to witness it, so a buddy system is a great way to prevent a rape.

    However, if you are alone, walk near others and do not walk in dark alleys or places that do not have good lighting.  Park under a light and close to the location that you are trying to get in to.  Stay alert of your surrounding and try not to walk alone at night or in areas that seem unsafe. 

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