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What is the safest way not to get pregnant?

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    GirlSmarts on Aug 30, 2012 Reply

    The only full proof way and the safest way to not get pregnant is simply not to have sex.

    If you are thinking about becoming sexually active, consider talking to a trusted adult and your health provider about all the hormonal birth control options available. If you choose to have sex and do not want to get pregnant, it is best to use 2 forms of protection every time you have sex.

    The most common form of protection is having the male partner wear a condom during sex as it prevents not only pregnancies but also sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are usually made from latex and act as a physical barrier preventing semen from coming in contact with the vagina.

    Condoms are not 100% effective though, and accidents (such as the condom breaking) can happen. This is why using a second form of birth control is always recommended if you do not want to prevent pregnancy.

    There are many contraceptive options including pills, patch, ring, the “shot”, an intrauterine device or an implant in your arm.

    For more detailed information about all the contraceptive options, refer to http://www.acog.org/~/media/For%20Patients/faq112.pdf?dmc=1&ts=20120806T1617243061.

    In summary, abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy, but if that is not an option, the combination of using a condom and another birth control option pills can help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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