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What can I do if I think my friend is addicted to drugs?

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Drugs, Friendship

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    GirlSmarts on May 07, 2012 Reply

    Helping a friend who is addicted to drugs is a very difficult thing. It is best to be open and talk to her about your concerns when she is sober. Talk to her in a non-judgmental way and give her examples of behaviors that are concerning to you. Let her know that she can call you if she needs to talk and that you support her and will do everything you can to help her get through this.

    Another very important step in her recovery includes you talking to an adult. It may seem like you are betraying her trust, but there are some secrets that should not be kept. If your friend is in danger, you should tell a trusted adult.

    You can potentially save her life by talking to an adult that could help the situation, like your parents, other family members, a teacher, or a school counselor. There are programs out there that are specifically for teenagers that are going through this.

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