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What are boundaries?

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Dating, Relationships

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  1. GirlSmarts on Apr 24, 2020 Reply

    Boundaries are the guidelines, rules, and limits each person has for themselves to keep them safe, healthy and respected. They apply to any kind of relationship you have, whether with yourself, a friend, family member, partner or anyone else in your life. Thinking about personal boundaries can be challenging to do on your own, so you can always talk to a parent, guardian or trusted adult if you would like some help.

    People may have boundaries that have to do with physical contact, personal space and language. It is good to know what feels best for you in each of these areas. It also okay to have different boundaries with different people. Creating and maintaining boundaries is a skill many have to develop and practice. Sometimes it can feel awkward and uncomfortable and at other times it can feel empowering and freeing. Boundaries help us to have healthy relationships.

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