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My boyfriend wants me to have a baby with him. What do I do?

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    GirlSmarts on Sep 18, 2012 Reply

    If your boyfriend is talking about kids, the first thing you should do is discuss the matter with him. Sit down and talk it out as this is a life-changing decision. Think about why he wants to have kids.

    Discuss if you are ready?
    Consider whether you will you both be able to finish school if you decide to have a baby at a young age?
    Do you have enough money for a child?
    Discuss how you will make money?

    Take it slowly and understand why he wants a child and then, let him know if you are or are not okay with bringing a child into the world.

    Understand that it is best to wait to have children as teenage moms are much more likely to NOT finish school and to live in poverty as compared to those who finish schools. Also, teenage moms are less likely to stay with the father of the baby. Think if this is the life you would want for yourself and for a baby.

    If there is still some conflict after the initial conversation, that’s all right – it’s natural to debate over a topic as serious as this.

    Talk to family members, other friends, or even counselors about the matter. They’re all willing to listen and can provide some insight that you may have not considered yet. If you and your boyfriend cannot agree, consider whether you and your boyfriend have the same values in the long term.

    If at all possible, WAIT so that you can finish school before having children.
    After all, if you and your boyfriend are planning to stay together anyway, what is the rush?

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