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How do I know if my friend is depressed?

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Depression, Friendship

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    GirlSmarts on May 07, 2012 Reply

    Depression is sometimes difficult to ‘see’ and if you have a ‘gut feeling’ about a person who might be depressed, get a trusted adult involved and seek medical help immediately. It is common however, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in every 10 American adults report having depression.

    To determine if someone is depressed or could become depressed, below are a few signs you can look for in that person. Know that the following signs should not be considered the only signs, however: mood (sad, melancholy), lack of interest in daily activities, change in sleep patterns (too much or too little), weight change/appetite change, lack of energy, loss of concentration, lack of interest in activities that used to please them, and isolation.

    If there is a possibility that someone could be depressed and you feel close enough to that person to talk to them about it, speak up. If you do not feel knowledgeable enough to speak to that person, then seek help through a trusted adult or help them get to a medical professional who can get them the help they need. Depression is a serious illness and should be talked about with a medical professional.

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