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How can I help my friend if I think she is depressed?

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Depression, Friendship

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    GirlSmarts on May 07, 2012 Reply

    Watching your friend go through a difficult time can be very hard. Be there for her/him. Talk to your friend and show him/her that you are there for them. Ask how them how they are feeling and be a listening ear. If your friend seems depressed often (severals days of the week or more), adults should be involved to help your friend feel well again.

    One of the best ways to counter depression is to stay busy. Try to get your friend involved in things she is interested in. People who are depressed may be reluctant, but you should still try to get distract them. A movie, a board game, or something related to their favorite hobbies, are good options. A movie, a board game, or something related to one of her favorite hobbies, are good options.

    You may succeed at getting your friend out and about, but if you think they could harm themselves, you MUST take it seriously and inform parents or other trusted adults.

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