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Does the media effect violence?

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    GirlSmarts on Jun 11, 2012 Reply

    Some studies have been conducted that argue violence on TV and in the media cause viewers to use to violence in real life. The studies say  people who watch violent television become desensitized or think it’s normal/ no big deal to act on violent thoughts. Studies can be skewed and they are not necessarily the best source for data, although we can note they made some connections between those watching violent media acting violently. 

    This is especially true if you are at a younger age or in the teenage years.  There is a reason why TV shows and movies have the ratings that they do, so consider following  them.                                                                                   

    It is best that you wait till you are older to watch shows and movies with violence.  It is easier for older people to process negative information that they see on TV and in movies and for them to understand that it is just fiction (pretend). 

    Besides, activities you engage in effect your mood, so why not watch something pleasant (instead of violent) and feel happy about it? Make sure that you are watching good quality programming that is age appropriate and approved by your parent or trusted adult.

    Just because your friends or others in your life are watching shows meant for older people does not mean that you need to. Don’t worry what someone else thinks about what you watch.     

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