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    GirlSmarts on Sep 11, 2012 Reply

    A chatroom is a website where visitors can exchange messages by typing them onscreen (which makes them appear to scroll by as a conversation develops) with other visitors to the site. Be safe by making sure that you go on chat rooms that are for teens and not adult ones.

    However even if you take this precaution, know that most chat rooms are not supervised and users may use anonymous screen names. Therefore, most participants feel unafraid conversing with other people assured that their identity is kept hidden.

    Thus, internet chat rooms can result in improper conversations, and even cyber sex. Even when chat rooms are specifically for teens, participants are not necessarily all teens.

    Someone you meet in the chat room may actually be an adult predator who has made up an identity to hide his or her age. So be aware, and in chat rooms, use a name that is not gender-specific so you are less likely to receive pornographic material or other forms of harassment.

    Also, make sure that you don’t give away personal information and never trust anyone that you ‘meet’ on a chat room. Don’t offer to meet them, tell them where you go to school or where you live.

    If you do receive pornographic material or threats, report it to your local police department and a trusted adult.

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