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Am I addicted to food?

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Binge Eating, Eating Disorder

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    GirlSmarts on May 22, 2012 Reply

    It is possible to be addicted to food but it is possible to just love food and not be truly addicted. If you think that you are addicted to food you need to talk to a professional or a trusted adult about your concern.

    Make sure that you ask yourself a few questions to determine if you need someone to help you with your possible addiction.

    Are you at a healthy weight?
    Can you say no to food?
    What types of food do you eat?
    Do you go to unusual lengths to get to food?
    Do You want to eat food even if you are not hungry?
    Are you always thinking about food in a way that affects your life?

    If you answered yes to some of these then you should talk to someone about your issues. Talk to a trusted adult and a health professional to see if your concern is just a normal love of food or a true addiction.

    Your health care provider can then help you make chances to any unhealthy eating styles that you may have.

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