Meet the Writers

Abigail F., writer

Abby is a 17 year old just trying to survive high school. As a senior she splits her free time between her passions of art, guitar, piano, writing, and sports, all the while keeping up with her studies. She is currently working on her first novel and hopes to continue life as an established novelist and editor.

Though she is only 17, she has an affinity for anything and everything old. Her favorite movies include a wide variety of classics such as: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Some Like it Hot, Roman Holiday, The Breakfast Club, Pretty Woman, and Desperately Seeking Susan, to name a few. Abby Loves to read. Her favorite books range from Hush Hush and The Hunger Games, to The Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye. She prides herself in having an extremely close relationship with her parents after many hardships they have endured as well as the people she chooses to surround herself with. High school is almost over for Abby and she looks forward to her next four years of school.

Margaret Ee, writer

Margaret was born in Singapore, and is in Philadelphia for an exciting entrepreneurship program. Margaret is taking engineering entrepreneurship & marketing courses in University of Pennsylvania. Being actively involved in the start up scene, she has her interest in the health care industry and she is involved in marketing, website design and business development projects. Margaret is extremely passionate about meeting new people while travelling, and yearns to make the world a happier place. She lived in Finland for 6 months, and backpacked through Northern, Central and Western Europe.

While she is not doing serious work, she enjoys playing basketball and chilling in nice cafes with her friends and favorite books. Margaret loves children, and one of her goal in life is to help build happy families and have one of her own. She believes that is a great platform and community to help girls like herself to believe in love and happiness again.

Emilia K., writer

Emilia is a first generation Polish speaking gal, born and raised in Philadelphia. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She has returned to the city and currently resides in Northern Liberties. She has been working in a number of creative sectors including writing, design, and marketing.

Emilia is a true explorer who enjoys discovering what she likes to call “hidden treasures” or fun different places and things. She has a passion for traveling with recent excursions to the American West, Europe, and the Orient. Hiking Mount Yale and rafting some of the most intense rivers in the world made Emilia value the beauty of nature and life. Other hobbies include taking photos and painting. As a lover of four seasons, she spends spring and fall picnicking and hiking, summer visiting the beach; winter skiing and snuggling up to hot tea. Her low time consists of taking in the good moments with loved ones.

Margaret Strosser, writer

Margie Margie is passionate about the health and empowerment of women and girls. Margie’s work as a creator of series television programs, documentaries, educational health programs and advocacy media projects has explored women’s stories about their lives.  She was proud to be a producer of  several daytime television series including “Baby Story” for The Learning Channel and “BirthDay”, a daytime series for the Discovery Health Channel which documents the real-life stories of American women giving birth.

As an independent artist she created an autobiographical documentary, “Rape Stories”, and other personal films about women’s health issues which have been showcased in international film festivals, and broadcast throughout the US, the UK and Australia. Margie writes poetry and teaches creative writing. She has a Masters of Fine Art  degree and lives in a Philadelphia row house with her husband and her cat and their fabulous garden.

She believes that will help girls have easy access to hard-to-get information and to make better decisions.

Maya Northen, writer

Maya was raised in Philadelphia area and returned to complete her Master’s Degree at St. Joseph’s University and begin her career. Her passion for travel and helping others led her to open her own travel planning company, which she currently owns and operates. She has traveled, visited six continents, and lived in Australia for six months during college.

When she’s not traveling or working, she enjoys yoga, meditation, working out, spending time outdoors, reading, writing and photography. Her family, friends and dog are incredibly important to her, and she spends as much time with them as possible.

Rupa DeSilva, editor

Rupa DeSilva MD went to medical school at Albany Medical College and trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas-Southwestern, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.  She then went on to undergo speciality training in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology at The Texas Children’s Hopsital in Houston, Texas.

Dr. DeSilva now works in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a practicing physician.  She specializes in taking care of pediatric and adolescent patients (or pre-teens and teenage patients) with female problems and helps girls of this age make smart decisions about puberty, menstrual problems, nutrition,relationships and other health related matters in a safe and straightforward manner. She is a national speaker on issues related to young woman’s health and is actively involved in multiple organizations to help in this endeavor.

She is also devoted to the education of young physicians who are still in their training and works closely with to help them be successful.

As an educator she is dedicated to helping young women transition from childhood through adolescence into young  adulthood  easier and this is what prompted her to make this website.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of  all young teen girls and hopes that this website will help.

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