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Not So Fun Facts

Sexual Behaviors

  • 46% of all 15–19-year-olds in the United States have had sex at least once.1•
  • The average age at which young people start having sex is 17, but they do not marry on average until their middle or late 20s. This means that young adults are at increased risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for nearly a decade. 1
  • Whereas unintended teen pregnancy in the US was falling, as of 2006 statistics, it is on the rise again.  2
  • 10% of all births in the US are to teenage mothers2
  • Eighty-two percent of teen pregnancies are unplanned; they account for about one-fifth of all unintended pregnancies annually. 1
  • Teenage mothers are less likely to go to college and/or reach their dreams when compared to teenagers without children2
  • A sexually active teen who does not use contraceptives has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year. 1
  • The majority of sexually experienced teens (74% of females and 82% of males) used contraceptives the first time they had sex. 1
  • In 2005, there were 712,620 pregnancies to American teens aged 15-19. 58.2% of these pregnancies resulted in live births and 27.4% in induced abortions. 1 The most common reasons given are2:
    • fear of how a baby would change their life
    • inability to afford a baby
    • feeling too immature to raise a child
  • Majority of parents support their daughter’s decision to have an abortion2
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Get Informed - Tobacco

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use

  • 20.0% of high-school students had smoked cigarettes on at least 1 day. 3
  • 75.0% of of high-school students had had at least one drink of alcohol on at least 1 day during their life and 44.7% of students had had at least one drink of alcohol on at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey. 3
  • 23.8% of students had drunk alcohol (other than a few sips) for the first time before age 13 years.3
  • According to a national survey, nearly one third (31.5%) of all high school students reported hazardous drinking (5+ drinks in one setting) during the 30 days preceding the survey. (2001 Youth survey-updated stat?)
  • Girls are as likely as boys their age to drink alcohol
  • 38.1% of of high-school students had used marijuana one or more times during their life. 3
  • 8.3% of students had tried marijuana for the first time before age 13 years. 3
  • 13.3% of students had sniffed glue, breathed the contents of aerosol spr ay cans, or inhaled any paints or sprays to get high one or more times during their life. 3


  • 1 out of every 12 women will be stalked during her lifetime
  • For female victims, the offender was most often someone known to them (62%). (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1997)
  • Victims of rape are disproportionately children and adolescent girls ? 60% of forcible rapes occur before the victim is 18 years old; 29% of victims are younger than 11 years old when raped. (The National Victim Center, 1992)
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Get Informed - Nutrition

Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • 13.0% of of high-school students were obese1 and 15.8% of students were overweight. 3
  • 15.8% of students did not eat for 24 or more hours; took diet pills, powders, or liquids; or vomited or took laxatives to lose weight or to keep from gaining weight 3

Internet Safety

  • One in 5 teens have engaged in sexting 4
  • Nearly one in five teens have bullied someone via social media, email or text message, and one in ten have been cyberbullied by someone else.4
  • The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy conducted a study about teens and sexting.
  • 66 percent of teen girls and 60 percent of teen boys do it to be “fun or flirtatious”
  • 71 percent of teen girls have sent or posted sexual content to a boyfriend or girlfriend  and 51 percent of teen girls say they do it because of pressure from a guy
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