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Feb, 2015

Dear Julia: I woke up next to him, I am not on birth control!

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Dear Julia,

“Dan had a pretty wild party last night. His parents were out of town so his older brother bought us a keg. I am not a drinker but ended up playing a few rounds of beer pong and the last thing I remember is hanging out by the bonfire with Joe. We’ve been kind of dating, nothing official…we hang out a lot and talk every night. My plan was to stay at a friends house, but I woke up in bed with Joe…and I’m not on birth control!  What should I do?  I do not want to be pregnant.

Yikes! So you were supposed to stay at a girlfriends, but never left the party. And you woke up confused next to a guy you like. Since you don’t remember all the details and your not on The Pill, I’d considerr getting Plan B just to be safe. I’ve gone to Planned Parenthood with a friend before and she got it for like 5 bucks.  We were both a little nervous on the way, not knowing what to expect,  but everyone was really nice when we got there.  If you feel comfortable it is always best to tell a trusted adult too.

And you like Joe, but weren’t ready to go all the way. I’d play it day by day. Since you’ve been spending a lot of time together recently, hopefully Joe really is into you. He might be a little freaked out too…maybe he doesn’t remember everything either. Act normal next time you see him and talk to him about how you felt when you didnt know what happened.  Next time you decide to go to a party try not to drink.  It is hard to stay in control while drinking. Or maybe you and Joe can try something new…a movie?

Let me know how it goes at PP and if you hear back from him!