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Why do my nipples hurt?

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    GirlSmarts on Aug 27, 2012 Reply

    There could be several explanations as to why your nipples hurt. When you are ovulating (about halfway between each menstruation), the areolas and nipples can be much more tender. Right before or during your period, nipples also can become sore or painful.

    If you are wearing the wrong size of bra, or the material your bra is made out of is disagreeing with your skin, it can lead to chaffing which can be very painful because of how thin the skin on your nipples is. Not wearing a bra at all can also lead to chaffing because there is a lack of support for your breasts and they rub against the material of your clothes.

    If chaffing occurs, Neosporin or other moisturizers could be very effective in soothing the skin. Taking an over the counter pain reliever should help to alleviate some of those pains.

    If such medicine does not relieve your pain, make sure that you see your health care provider for further evaluation.

    Lastly, pregnancy can cause tender or painful nipples, in which case you may also notice a significant enlargement of the breasts or may also be experiencing “morning sickness” and no menstrual period. If you think you may be pregnant, be sure to make an appointemnt with your health care provider.

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