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Why do girls start smoking cigarettes?

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Bullying, Confidence, Friendship, Smoking

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    GirlSmarts on Jun 11, 2012 Reply

    Reasons that a teenager decides to start smoking include peer pressure, because she wants to impress her friends or a boy or because she thinks that smoking can make her feel “less stressed” with the problems in her life. 

    Another common reason that teenage girls start smoking is to rebel against their parents or other authority figures. 

    Unfortunately, tobacco is highly addictive and it is very harmful to your health.  Exposure to nicotine (the main ingredient in cigarettes) causes many health problems such as cancers, lung problems such as asthma or bronchtiis, heart problems, strokes, teeth decay, bad breath and an appearance of early aging.  Second hand smoke passes some of these health problems on to the people who are near smokers too.  

    Teenagers don’t realize all of these consequences when they make the decision to try cigarettes, but they probably should think about them before they consider trying cigarettes. 

    Your real friends will never pressure you to do something you feel uncomfortable with.   

    If you think you are addicted to cigarettes already, talk to a trusted adult or health care provider who can help you quit. 

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